Talentum CITY
«Convinced that the purest form of talent in sports shines in the young hopes, TALENTUM supports the emerging stars, and advises the sponsoring brands and sport organizations to ensure that their potential really blossoms»


Our services in the sports field are focused in working with comprehensive projects in the management of professional careers, as well with sponsorship and the organization of events in a wide range of areas. With this in mind, we give advice to:

1. Sportspeople
We are conscious of the different and interwoven areas that affect the management of a sports career, and TALENTUM offers the new talents a career growth plan that discharges the stars of the future from the search for sponsors, the management of contracts and image rights, the decisions about licensing and merchandising, etc. We also give advice to our clients in legal, disciplinary and communication issues.

2. Sponsors
The relationship between a sponsoring brand and a sponsored sportsman or club is only successful and mutually beneficial when both are aligned in a in a shared strategy. This is the reason why TALENTUM offers a comprehensive advice service to the companies that wish to start sports sponsorship activities or improve their existing ones. We not only analyze and suggest the best sponsorship opportunities for our clients, we also help them obtain and implement these sponsorships contracts and we measure their future impact.

3. Organizations or clubs
TALENTUM also gives advice to organizations and sport clubs who wish to professionalize their management model in order to make more profitable their success in the playing fields.

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