Talentum CITY
«Our work in the field of city management highlights the importance of sport, cultural and leisure events in the promotion of territories. We are convinced of the strategic value of these great occasions, and the organization of events is one of our main fields of activity»


The service which we offer our clients goes beyond the organization of events or the creation of hospitality plans, and we make every effort to ensure that every celebration supervised by our team not only becomes a big success in terms of organization, but that it contributes to the promotion and development of the region that hosts it. To achieve this goal, TALENTUM designs events that fit every client, in a way that excellent results are not only visible in the previous logistic planning or during the celebration of the event, but also in the management of tangible and intangible legacies. This is why our events are always sustainable and profitable in the long term.

Our main project nowadays in the field of organization of events is the development and management of a hospitality plan for the next first Formula One Grand Prix of Europe that will take place in Valencia in August. We are conscious of the impact it will have and the number of visitors it will attract, and we have designed an environment and a program of activities that embodies exclusiveness and comfort. We aim to become a reference point in the next Formula One races in Valencia.

If you wish to obtain more information about this project, please download our
TALENTUM in the Formula One Grand Prix of Europe document HERE.

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