Talentum CITY
«Nowadays globalization has set new rules in the competition between territories to attract tourism and investments, the driving forces of welfare and progress for the whole population»


Territorial management is nowadays heavily influenced by the principles of business management, and in a free market it becomes a tough fight. This complex environment has increased the value of city management. However, this sphere has often only been considered a mere communication tool. Actually, it is a strategic, comprehensive and multidimensional field that focuses on all the parameters that have to do with city management and aligns them to reach a given goal

TALENTUM promotes this global concept in city management and with this philosophy we develop comprehensive advice programs to cities in four stages:

1. Firstly, we analyze the strategy of the territories and we evaluate their positioning, locally, nationally and internationally, so that we can start with a clear idea of where this territory stands
2. Next, we develop a strategic plan for the city in close collaboration with the local administration.
3. In the third stage, we define the necessary tools to implement the proposed strategy.
4. And, finally, we support the city in said implementation by supporting the creation of hospitality plans, the definition and obtaining of a portfolio of events for their promotion, the establishment of sponsorship platforms, etc.

In the area of city management services TALENTUM supports the cities in the whole process of taking decisions and implementing a regional strategy, and provides their clients with a valuable know how that guarantees the implementation of transformation plans in the medium and long term

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